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The Maasai Cricket Warriors was founded in 2007, and are Maasai youth from Laikipia in Kenya who have dropped their spears for cricket bats. Through cricket development within rural Maasailand we wish to empower youth by tackling social problems to bring about positive change.

Female genital mutilation, early marriages and lack of equal rights are among the retrogressive practices in our Maasai way of living. If we look to eradicate these practices then I see a future where everyone enjoys equal rights. A healthy and well educated society with a positive focus on life. We believe that we don’t have to physically mutilate a girl for her to realize that she is now an adult. Rather she needs to be empowered mentally, she needs to understand the reality and get to know about the repercussions that follow thereafter.

Through the vehicle of cricket, a group of young Maasai men have found a voice– and are taking a stand in the fight against FGM. But there is a darker heart to the story. The Maasai are male dominated, women have few rights – even to their own bodies – and girls as young as six have suffered Female Genital Mutilation and early marriages. Traditional practices such as these have also contributed to the spread of HIV/Aids, and now many believe the future of the Maasai is under serious threat. The Warriors cricket team are using their new-found unity on the field as an inspiration to those off it, attempting to educate and give young people a sense of belonging, support, and hope.

However, they face resistance from the elders of their community – well-respected and wise men who hold all Maasai traditional practices dear and carry great influence. They fear losing any of their traditions will herald the end of the Maasai. The discovery of the power of sport – cricket in our case, with the traveling and gathering ideas and bringing them back to apply them in our society, this really shed some light of hope for us. We applied the principle of the saying that ‘the eye that leaves the village sees further’. With our cricket and travelling abroad gave us a good perspective and we brought this back to let our society realize what we have actually learned. We realized how women outside are enjoying equal rights as men, we learned that FGM is not really that important in a girl’s life.

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Sports for development

From a small village to international cricket grounds, the warriors of Laikipia, Kenya use cricket as an agent of change. They are using the sport as a tool to eradicate early marriages and Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) for the Maasai girls.

Conservation of Wildlife

Coming from a Pastoral community, we believe that we are inseparable with nature and hence we have to protect and conserve it. 

Maasai Cricket Ladies

Empowering young girls in our male dominated societies is our primary goal. We believe in an equal society where everyone enjoys equal rights.

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Every one of our team members is devoted and eagerly waiting to deliver some perfume deliveries. Come let us play some cricket as we spread the awareness.

Hearing the bowling thunder

We promise to give you some chin music

And the serenity is breath taking

We don't like cricket, we love it